Who are my clients?

My clients fall into a few different categories. Overall, for me, it is about creating a relationship with clients that goes beyond just doing the legal work.

I work with families with young children to provide and care for those children in the event something happens to the parents. We discuss, make decisions and prepare wills and trusts and other documents to indicate the parents’ wishes about who would care for the children both physically as guardians and financially by setting up trusts or other arrangements for their care and well-being.

shutterstock_63275986-mediumOften, unfortunately, I work with parents who are concerned about children with special needs or who they feel are not prepared to be responsible with money and may need ongoing help or guidance to make certain their needs are met.

One of the most difficult times in family life is when a loved one dies. Dealing with the loss itself can be overwhelming. Then, being confronted with the difficulties of the probate process can seem impossible to handle. Guiding families through the probate process with care and concern is a big part of my practice. It gives me great pleasure to be of help through this difficult time.

Small to medium sized privately held business owners are another category of clients. We work together on everything from startup to succession planning.

With over forty years of experience in working with families and business owners, I have pretty much seen it all. It is a joy for me to share my experience, insights and yes, perhaps even a little wisdom gained in those forty plus years.

I invite prospective clients to come in and meet with me. Initial conferences are at no charge. Fees are always discussed in advance. Come in and chat. Tell me what’s on your mind. What worries you? What keeps you awake at night? How can I help you? I do not try to handle every area of law but know other good lawyers who do. If your concern is not in my area of practice, chances are I know someone to whom I can refer you. Come see me.